Hello you, it's me!

Hi! Welcome in my webshop full of feel-good products.

I am Lobke. And I am, preferably, creating all the time. I love expressing myself through the writings that come out of my pen, the pictures and videos that I take, the outfits that I wear, and the products that I passionately and enthusiastically create. With lotsss of love.

Besides creating, there's not a lot that excites me as much as traveling and exploring does. It's my dream to visit as many places, meet as many (kinds of) people and learn from as many kinds of cultures as possible. Meeting new people with different backgrounds and opposite opinions is, in my eyes, THE best way to expand your horizon. To open up your mind.

In this short lifetime of mine, I wish to show you how beautiful it is to do what feels right to you. To follow your own weird (or crazy normal) path. Away from expectations and opinions. I hope to contribute to a more loving, open-minded world. Through whatever media or method that I find fitting.

For now, all I got to say is: you are doing great. The best you can, actually. I hope you find joy in this life, and both softness and strengtht to get through the shitty times <3

For questions or comments you can always contact me. You can send an email to lobkekillaars@gmail.com or a dm to @lobkekiller on Instagram.